Hire a Wedding Planner Before Anyone Else

Why Should You Hire a Wedding Planner Before Anyone Else?

The big moment happened: he proposed. As the man of your dreams slips that engagement ring on your finger, nothing else in the world matters except you and him. Why let stress get in the way? In this busy, fast paced world, you may not always have time to plan a wedding on top of your demanding job or bustling life, so why not let the professionals guide you along the way.

You already have an idea of your perfect wedding and you are officially addicted to Pinterest but aren’t quite sure how to pull it all together. In your mind you may ask yourself, isn’t it cheaper to just plan it myself? The answer: not always.

Budget is always a concern when it comes to planning any event. With the help of an experienced event planner who will go over every detail of the type of wedding desired, all those worries of going over budget will subside, from choosing the right vendors all the way down to the last place setting. With the right connections, your wedding will be steered into the event of the year. Planning a wedding under a budget is sometimes hard to predict. A lot goes into finalizing that perfect event, and sometimes only focusing on the big picture allows small add-one to pile up into a big expense. Not only a planner will know trusted vendors but also can get you discounts from them and finds ways to save money.

Hire wedding planner

When going into planning on your own, key questions might be overlooked, such as: What is the maximum capacity this facility can hold? In theory that beautiful rustic style barn is the perfect location for an intimate gathering of your closest friends and family, when in reality you’re 50 people over and struggling over who gets the last chair. A planner will help sort out your guest list and ensure that the rustic barn will meet the capacity requirements.

Alongside the size of your wedding, there are multiple questions that you may not feel needs to be asked, as it is assumed already that the venue is fully equipped. Such questions are whether or not the water is potable, and if there is electrical. Too many times soon-to-be husband and wives go into booking a venue or a tent and are shocked when they have to pay out of pocket for amenities such as generator or restroom trailer. Questions that may seem so mundane are the keys to making your wedding smooth as silk, and an event planner already has those questions in mind, and is ready to go.

Besides, a ring that beautiful is way too important not to show off to your friends and family, so don’t hold off celebrating by spending all that time planning every detail yourself! The beauty behind a wedding planner is her ability to let you enjoy the process of being engaged while they handle the behind the scenes. An interesting article lays out the first wedding to dos that wedding planners know too well. From setting up a timetable of when you want your ceremony to drafting up a guest list, a wedding planner will tailor your wishes to a tee.  Saving time and money? I think yes!

Hire wedding planner

At the end of the day, it’s all about you. Wedding planners are here to bring your dreams to the next level. From the moment you say YES to that final I DO, and throughout the reception, you and your guests will be sure to have the most unforgettable experience of a lifetime. A wedding planner will give you that added security and peace of mind throughout the entire experience, so all you’re focused on is the love of your life, and enjoying a monumental moment to remember for as long as you both shall live.

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