Darcy and Gunnar- an epic wedding at The Mount

I first met Darcy and her mom at a coffee shop in Great Barrington. Darcy told me the full story about her and her fiancé, Gunnar. I thought to myself: boy, this will be so special! And their wedding at the Mount will be so perfect!

Gunnar, Darcy’s now husband, has Cystic fibrosis – a genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time. Subsequently, since the 1950’s there have been immense improvements in treatment.

During her first date Darcy knew she’d met her perfect match. However, “she feared the implications of her perfect match having cystic fibrosis”. The available medical treatments at the time were limited and Gunnar’s prognosis was serious. [She] quickly and wholeheartedly made the decision to be all-in knowing that whatever time she and Gunnar had together would absolutely be worthwhile.”

Meanwhile, the wedding planning journey was rocky and full of changes, questions, hesitations during all the unprecedented pandemic months. Leading up to the wedding, rules and regulations were changing on a weekly basis with many back up plans ready. Darcy’s optimism was unwavering. Most importantly, about a month before the wedding, Massachusetts loosened up the majority of gathering regulations therefore, we could freely go back to our original plan. What a relief that was!

Gunnar and his groomsmen
Darcy and their dog with Gunnar shoes
Darcy's jewelery

Darcy and Gunnar exchanged their vows in the magnificent French Garden at The Mount amongst 170 closest family and friends.

Wedding invitation- watercolor drawing of The Mount
Ceremony at The Mount

Twenty bridal party members processed right before the bride and groom. And due to an important hockey game one of the groomsmen was missing. Replacing him was a life-size cutout therefore he processed like everyone else and was present for pictures.

Wedding ceremony procession
Wedding ceremony wide shot
Wedding ceremony at the French Garden
Darcy and Gunnar kissing
Bridesmaids and groomsmen
Bride and Groom portrait between gardens.

After the ceremony guests enjoyed seasonally and locally sourced hors d’oeuvres and cocktails created by Heirloom Fire overlooking Edith Wharton’s gardens.

Darcy and Gunnar walking down the steps
Portrait of Darcy and Gunnar at the forecourt
Darcy and her dress
Escort cards in a flower garden box
Table setting

The reception began with a first dance performed by the groom’s friend, Marc Roberge, followed by the couple’s welcome toast culminating in an announcement that was kept secret from the guests. Now, even though I was privy to the information, this is something I have never seen or experienced before.

First Dance song by March Roberge
Just to give you a little backstory, 97-98 % of men with cystic fibrosis are infertile.

As a result, Darcy and Gunnar had been going through IVF treatments for some time because of the infertility that goes with cystic fibrosis. It’s been their dream to be parents one day. During the speech, in his last words, before the whole tent went crazy he said: “The reason my bride is so beautiful tonight is because she is pregnant with our son!!!!!!”

The song “We Are Family”  started to play and every person, had tears in their eyes. An explosive energy filled the space and it felt as if everyone floated, embraced in one big hug.

Family hugging

After an epic family style dinner dancing began but during that time something else happened and the crowd went into frenzy again! Remember that groomsmen that couldn’t come? Well, he scored a big goal and the groom’s father made a big announcement right on the stage.

Heirloom Fire
Family style dinner on boards
Darcy and Gunnar dancing on the stage
Guests dancing
Guests dancing
Gunnar lifted in the air
Tent at night
Portrait at Night
Portrait with stars
Darcy and Gunnar- portrait

Darcy and Gunnar’s wedding will forever stay in my memory not only because it was such an epic event but also because their positivity, kindness and loving energy touched many hearts, including MINE! 

I can’t wait to see their little baby, a giant miracle, aka "The B.F.S.B.” - The Big Fat Science Baby.
Darcy and Gunnar with their first baby  picture


Planning and Design: Magdalena Events

Venue: The Mount

Photographer: Alex Wiciel

Video: Preston Films

Catering: Heirloom Fire

Flowers: Tiny Hearts Farm

Rentals: Classical Tents

Band: The Band Method

Lighting: Rob Alberti

Live stream: CJC Lighting

Hair & Makeup: Salon Posh

Dress: Anna Campbell Bridget Topper & Riley Skirt, Everthine

Her Shoes: Valentino

Hair Accessories: Twigs & Honey

Her wedding band: Kataoka

Suit: Victor Talbots

His Shoes: Stubbs & Wootton

Groomsmen: The Black Tux