Berkshire Winter Wonderland
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Berkshire Winter Wonderland

April 9, 2017

Berkshire Winter Wonderland

I’ve always wanted to do a winter wedding or at least styled winter photo shoot. When the last snow storm of the season was about to hit New England I immediately jumped on the phone with my favorite photographer, Elaina Mortali. I didn’t even had to ask if she wanted to do it. Elaina was thrilled! We organized all we needed within couple of days and were ready to go as soon as the roads were plowed. All we needed was some special oomph. That’s when your friend caterer comes handy. James Gop of Heirloom Fire brought the fire, spinning chickens and pavlova cake.

Cold weather and setting things up in 3 feet of snow was well worth it!  Elaina captured all the beauty we wanted.

What is more unique than wedding photos taken right after a magical snow storm…

Thank you Chelsea and Joe for being so brave!

Hair, makeup, and horses: Chelsea Brown of Michelle’s Salon

Wedding Dress: Celia Grace

Falling snowflakes, snow-dusted trees, white mountaintops and very friendly horses set a picturesque scene unlike any other

Romantic and moody winter setting surrounded by thick blanket of snow. Rich seasonal colors really bring out the beauty of winter